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About Byers (a MasTec company):  Corporate Overview

Byers Engineering Company was founded in 1971 to be an important technical services firm in the telecommunications and utility industries. The company's first client was New York Telephone Company (now Verizon), which remains a client today. This longevity is evidence of Byers' long-term business commitment to providing clients with high-quality, high-value products and services that exceed their expectations. A customer-focused approach has been a constant at Byers -- just as the president and core management group have been -- since the beginning.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Byers has 1,000 employees deployed in providing outside and inside plant design, planning, project management, inspection, and right of way acquisition services, both wireline and wireless, for RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, utilities, cable television companies, and commercial organizations throughout the United States. Byers also provides leading-edge AM/FM/GIS software, data conversion, mapping and records services throughout the world.

On May 5, 2021, Byers Engineering Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of MasTec, a Fortune 500 company listed on the NYSE as MTZ. See